10 Reasons to Start an Online Business and Why Going Digital Is the Way Forward

I had a phone call from a friend the other day in fits of panic, she works for a big corporate company and had just been told by her boss that he was leaving to go elsewhere. Why did this bother her so much? She was his PA!

This is a prime example of how working a conventional office job or just working for someone else has minimum job security, you can be just one paycheck away from losing it all! My friend had been working at this company for nearly 8 years and overnight, everything had changed. The tragic thing is, she wasn’t even happy at her job, but the thought of losing it had her sprouting grey hairs! How many of you can relate to this? How backwards have we become that we start worrying about losing something that brings misery to our lives? (The power of the green paper!) Not only this but think of how many hours in a day you spend commuting, to be somewhere doing something you don’t want to do. Now think how many hours this amounts up to over a year and the number is frightening; this is time you will never get back!

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had complete control over your working life? Wouldn’t you love to be making money from doing something you have passion for? I have a solution for this, and this is to start your own internet business. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to have this.

Below are 10 reasons to start an online business and why going digital is the way forward.

#1. No global restrictions

You can work anywhere, you don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time each morning. No physical constraints means you can be in your favorite coffee shop, be visiting your gran, you can even travel the world and still work, all you need is your laptop and an internet connection! Just think gone are the days of getting through a commute to sit at a desk.

#2. Lower start-up costs

Unlike starting a conventional brick and mortar business, which requires a large start-up capital, there are no big upfront costs such as, commercial space, inventory, storage and salaries. You can start-up an online business with just a website and hosting space, anyone can do it!

#3. Wider audience

People in the ‘real world’ seem to be getting busier, having less time to do what their parents use to do. It is these people who are looking to the internet to make their lives more simple. This has given a huge boost to companies that are online. There are billions of people relying more on e-commerce for everyday assistance such as shopping or paying bills. Having an online business allows you tap into this market to sell your products and services, the potential is huge! You can even reach out to someone on the other side of the planet! How would that be possible with a conventional business?

#4. Available 24/7

You aren’t restricted to trading within working hours each day, your online business can run all day, 365 days a year, therefore making you money whilst you sleep!

#5. Automate and outsource

With so many tools available on the internet, you can automate most of the running of your business and another big advantage being, you can outsource tasks you don’t like doing.

#6. You choose your hours

Work around your schedule so you can do more of the things that matter. If it’s a beautiful day you can go for a walk outside, you can even work outside. When was the last time you asked your boss if you could take a 2 hour break because the sun was out? Of course you still need to put in the work, however all successful online entrepreneurs will tell you; time and money is what is taken away from you in the beginning, however if you work right, these are the 2 things that will come back to you ten fold.

#7. Be your own boss

You set your goals. There is greater sense of achievement when you are doing what is right for you rather than taking orders from someone else. Your future is in your hands and not someone else’s, therefore giving you the ultimate job security.

#8. Unlimited earning potential

The sky is really your limit, unlike a conventional job in which your earning potential is limited to the profession you work in, and no matter how hard you work or how many hours you put in, the amount of money you make is set. Your earning potential with an online business is tied to your efforts, if something is working you can continually scale up what you are doing therefore increasing your income exponentially.

#9. Personal Development

This goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship, you are learning something new everyday, with more opportunities to expand your mind and creativity. How often in your day job are you doing something different or have the opportunity to learn something new? This is a big advantage of having your own business, and the most powerful thing is, if your business was to close overnight, you have the skills and knowledge to immediately start another one.

#10. You are building YOUR dreams and not someone else’s

Enough said!

We all want to be control of our lives and having an online business allows for this. It could be the best experience you’ve ever had, and you never know you could be living the life you’ve always wanted.